If you’re looking for cool vegan and non-vegan treats in Toronto, take a stroll down Bloor Street West and get something at Put a Cone On It.

My friend and I saw this cute store and decided to go inside.




The store looked like Subway and a candy store combined. There is a place for people to sit at the back and at the front of the store. The store workers are very friendly.



There is a shelf on the left side of the store with loads of cute items. I’m not going to lie, I walked into the store because they had a Pusheen Cat eating an ice cream cone.


They have a fresh selection of dairy ice cream and vegan sorbets.


I tried the mango sorbet, because I’m obsessed with mango.


The store workers came outside to give us samples. I tried the mango sorbet and my friend tried the dairy tea-liice creameam.


I decided to buy the small vegan mango sorbet. It was just under $5 which is a little pricey, but it was super delicious. I would love to figure out how to make this at home.


My friend got an ice cream that tasted like tea. According to her, it was delicious. Also, she got a “cone”. Their signature is definitely putting a cone on top of the ice cream.


Cheers to great food!


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