If you didn’t know already, I love watching YouTube. I love it so much that I have a strong desire to create YouTube videos myself. Plus, sharing YouTube videos genuinely makes me so happy.

It gives me a chance to practice video editing, to create beautiful motion graphics and to express an idea with the world. I love the process of sitting in unique coffee shops in Toronto and writing blog posts that could turn into inspiring YouTube videos.

Over the years I have been conflicted about what type of videos I should create on YouTube. I created a channel called BecomingTia and my first instinct was to make that channel about God, personal development, cosplay, and DIYs. Over time, this channel warped into only cosplay, convention tips, and personal development. And recently – this year – this channel entered the cosplay and convention niche scene.

My soul felt conflicted about this because it wasn’t the content I felt like I should be sharing with the world, but since my growth on YouTube has been very slow, I felt like posting cosplay and convention videos consistently would be the fastest way to grow on YouTube since it garnered the most views.

The problem with this thinking is that it led me to believe that I couldn’t create content that I wanted to and that I had to stick to a niche. As a result, I struggled with being able to make and post videos overall. I didn’t even want to post non-related cosplay and convention content.

Now, I am at a different place. I know I want to and my soul is screaming at me to create a channel devoted to teaching people about the gospel. I’m going to name this channel SimplyTia because I feel like this channel can be about personal development from a Christian point-of-view instead of a new age point-of-view.

I feel like it will be a channel where I can be very vulnerable and honest online for the first time. 1000% myself, even if that means I’ll be judged, criticized or picked apart (but that happens on YouTube, regardless).

My channel that was previously called BecomingTia will still be called BecomingTia, which is my legal name. On this channel, I will post whatever and by whatever, I mean I will make it a hobby channel.

I’m thinking fashion lookbooks, OOTDs, bullet journaling, Taekwondo and Flexibility videos (yes, these two are both new hobbies of mine), maybe some Anime tags, organization videos, vlogs, short films and a lot of monthly favourites videos.

I haven’t figured out how I’m going to brand this and what will be the aesthetic (if you know me, I’m obsessed with establishing a unified aesthetic for things.) I think I will stick with the constellation/Galaxy aesthetic for BecomingTia, but make the colours a night sky theme. For SimplyTia, I will keep everything light and airy like a space beach.

If you’re still reading, here are my favourite YouTubers who inspire me so much in different ways (they are ranked in no particular order.) Also, I find all these videos and people reflect a piece of who I am and the things I am interested in.

#1 abookutopia

If you love finding new books and/or watching an addicting personality, check out Sasha Alsberg. She became a New York Times Bestseller at the age of 19 years old. Super inspiring.

#2 Allyson Rowe

If you’re struggling with comparison, singleness, or patience of any sort, check out this Christian YouTuber (aka Miss Washington USA 2014 )who is very relatable to young women.

#3 AmandaRachLee

Amanda went to my old high school and will be going to my university this Fall. Her bullet journaling videos inspired me to start bullet journaling.

#4 Asia Jackson

Her vlogs of her pursuing her dream to become an actor are inspiring, but her fashion videos are very informative which made her become a favourite to me.

#5 Chloe Ting

Chloe creates fitness lifestyle and workout videos. I like her outlook on health.

#6 Dephne Madyara

Some Christian channels are wishy-washy, but this lady is on fire for God. She speaks the truth and her dedication and boldness is amazing to watch.

#7 Mr. Kate

I love interior design. It’s amazing what Mr. Kate and her husband can do in such a short time. This online show is addicting and I promise, you’ll binge watch all the episodes.

#8 Taylor R

I found Taylor a couple of years ago and subscribed immediately. She’s a fellow Canadian girl who lives in Tokyo, Japan. Her cute miniature poodle made me hit the subscribe button, but I stayed for her personality and dedication to her YouTube channel. She’s my favourite daily vlogger on YouTube.


She’s my second favourite daily vlogger on YouTube. I’m not going to lie, I was not a fan of Teala until she started her vlog channel and showed her authentic self to the online world. She has a lot of wisdom ingrained in her and when she talks about topics related to life and self-confidence it is inspiring to listen to. If you’re looking for some positivity in your life, watch her videos. Also, Rem’s Life is good too and is very similar to TllyTeala.

#10 channelnotes

Do you want to start a YouTube channel? This channel is dedicated to YouTube tips.

#11 muchelleb

Personal development and inspiring videos with unique tips.

#12 Drew Disaster

I always love watching black girls with a great sense of style. I’ve been watching Drew since I was 15 in high school.

#13 Patricia Bright

Her personality is addictive. Successful and beautiful black ladypreneur with a lovely British accent.

#14 Blogilates

I don’t really watch her workout videos, but her videos where she just talks towards the audience is enough to make her a favourite. She also has a podcast called the Sheroic Podcast. Also, I LOVE POPFLEX Clothing. I ordered the cutest leggings from them and the quality and functionality of these leggings are way better than Lululemon.

#15 TimalovesLemons

This is another black girl with a great sense of fashion. She’s a favourite mostly because she posts quality videos frequently and we share the same interest in Asian culture.

#16 HappyandHealthy96

I love Stephanie Yu’s perspective on living and self-love. Her personal stories are very relatable to me and she is the same age as me with an interest in building an online presence. If you like vegan food, listening to someone with a spiritual mindset and a desire to see the unseen then watch Steph. Also her podcast A Beautiful Mess is currently my favourite podcast.

#17 Organic Olivia

This YouTuber does not post often on YouTube anymore, but has a blog and Instagram that she updates weekly. Olivia sparked my interest in Eastern Medicine and helped me reflect on the products I was using and the food I was consuming. If you’re interested in the science behind health, check out Olivia who is super down-to-earth and a successful entrepreneur.

#18 Fierecelivy

Alivia is a new favourite, but she is all I have been watching these past few weeks. She inspired me to learn the splits and a whole list of others poses. I will post my progress on my Instagram. We both look younger than our age, and I love her outlook and confidence. It’s contagious.

#19 Lavendaire

I have been following Lavendaire for a few years. I really love the aesthetic of her channel – it’s one that inspires me. If you love personal development, journaling, and inspirational videos, check out Lavendaire.

#20 Simply Kenna

I love Kenna’s calm voice and her anime recommendations. I have loved almost every anime she has recommended, particularly Boku no Hero Academia. I would have ignored this anime if Kenna didn’t insist that it was good as she said it was. Believe me, it instantly climbed to my #2 favourite anime of all time after Shingeki no Kyojin. I love it so much that it may surpass Shingeki simply due to the fact that the production company is frequently releasing a lot of episodes.

#21 Whitney Simmons

Whitney inspired me to enter the weights room and work on my back and glutes. I would never have gotten the courage to wear fitness gear every day (perfect for us university girls who are super lazy and go to the gym) or enter the weights room if she didn’t own it as much as she does. If you’re looking for fitness lifestyle videos and not just fitness workout videos, then check out Whitney.

#22 Megan Bowen

Megan, previously known as Chonunmigooksaram-imnida, is an American who lives and works in Korea. She is a black lady with an amazing fashion and beauty sense. Her personality is unique and I love how bold she is in going for her dreams.

#23 LeahsEssence

I discovered Leah recently and binged watched all her videos in one day. Her love and curiosity to follow Jesus are relatable. We’re around the same age, and I can tell that her journey is very similar to mine when it comes to following Jesus (even though she hasn’t explicitly shared her struggles). Her message is that everyone should share their journey while they’re going through the good and bad times of it. In other words, if God is still working with you and the Holy Spirit is still working on you, it is still good to share your journey and wisdom with other people who may be behind or further along than you.

#24 Heather Lindsey

Heather Lindsey is a preacher who empowers people (especially women) to pursue God and draw closer to Him. I have gotten extremely confident about remaining single and not pursuing men after listening to her for over a year. I highly recommend if you are struggling in this area of your life.

Who are your favourite YouTubers? Let me know in the comments below.

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