Honestly, my friend and I hesitantly stumbled into Cosmic Treats. There are so many vegan options at Kensington Market. We decided to enter the store, sit down and take a look at the menu. When we did, our mouths dropped and watered.


I give Cosmic Treats an 8/10. They were friendly, the food was delicious and I felt totally junk food satisfied.

If you’re non-vegan or vegan, you must try Cosmic Treats out! They have almost every junk food you can imagine, including vegan ice cream and drinks.

Food Review

We tried their deep-fried macaroni and “cheese” balls.

Cosmic_Treats_Toronto_12 Cosmic_Treats_Toronto_3

We ate their “cheese” sticks.


My friend tried the “meat” pot pie.


I ordered fries because you can’t mess up fries.



All of it was delicious. But my friend did not like the “meat” pot pie as much as the other stuff.

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