Your room is an important aspect of who you are. It is a space that should define you, make you happy when you see it and help you relax.

I tried to do that with my room. It is small, but I believe that   if you take the time to find inspiration and decide what you would like to spend your time in, then you can have a bedroom you like in any situation.As soon as you walk into my room, you will see my bed and a desk. Behind the door is a little section for my shoes.

I have a bag rack on the door, and a little nook that helps me organize items that I carry outside the house frequently. For example, my dog’s harness and leash.

Next, you’ll see my simple vanity. I still haven’t spray painted this mirror completely. It is supposed to be entirely silver.

The vanity has a tiny makeup organizer. An earring and ring holder. I also have a few skin products on top.

Beneath the vanity I keep my everyday cleaning supplies that are made of natural products like vinegar, water and oil. In a basket I keep some beauty products I use on a daily basis and in this little vertical organizer, I keep my hair supplies and razors.

Let’s go to my bed. This is my favourite part of the room, but a lot of work to maintain. I love a lot of pillows and white comforters.

BecomingTia_Summer_Purple_Insta_ (1 of 5)However, it’s a lot of work to take off and put on pillows daily, and white comforters can easily show dust and stain.

On my bed, I have 3 pillows from Society6. Reading Solves Everything is a dope pillow that I bought with the pillow insert.

BecomingTia_Summer_Purple_Insta_ (2 of 5)

To keep it propped up, I put another pillow behind it. I love to stand my Totoro pillow beside it because I think it looks really cute when I walk into my room and feel Totoro vibes.

BecomingTia_Summer_Purple_Insta_ (3 of 5)

I have 6 horizontal pillows, the first two white ones are pillow shams, and the other two I sleep on. I have a neck pillow behind all my pillows to support my neck because I tend to get a lot of neck pain.

The other 2 Society6 pillows are “I like to party and by party I mean read books” and “Let’s live in fictional worlds” which are my philosophies. The curtains in my room are from a local home store in Toronto.

The next spot in my room is my desk. I keep some of my books here. This is where I work most of the time.

This black display is a monitor, not a computer and I got it about 10 years ago. My chair is from Staples, and the “I like big books and I cannot lie” tote bag is from Society6.

On top of my desk, I keep items to inspire and organize my finances quickly.

To the left of my desk is a calendar, file organizer, clip board. To the right of my desk is a vertical storage organizer.

On top of it are stationary. I labelled each compartment of the organizer using a Frame PSD, which you can download here.

The last part of my room is my small closet. I organize my closet from left to right, heavy jackets to sweaters to tops to tanks to dresses.

I have all my jeans folded, skirts below and then a vertical organizer which holds hats, socks, workout pants and more quickly.

Above my closet are storage bins from Ikea. I added labels to them. As you can see, they hold all the other items that don’t need hangers.

I hope you enjoyed my room tour. I hope this inspires you to make the most out of your small room or big room, and make it into a space that reflects you inside and out.

A Creative Blogger Room Tour


  1. Your room looks so cosy, I love it! I am so glad I came across your blog, keep up the amazing work you are doing on it lovely! x

    • Tia Reply

      Thank you so much, love! I plan to be active in the next few months on a regular schedule. Thanks for stopping by. Also, your blog is so beautiful!!!

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