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A Creative Blogger’s Room Tour

Your room is an important aspect of who you are. It is a space that should define you, make you happy when you see it and help you relax.

I tried to do that with my room. It is small, but I believe that   if you take the time to find inspiration and decide what you would like to spend your time in, then you can have a bedroom you like in any situation.As soon as you walk into my room, you will see my bed and a desk. Behind the door is a little section for my shoes.


5 Ways to Deal With Post-Con Depression

Post-con depression is a disease that spreads to every con member after they leave an amazing convention.

The reality is that conventions don’t last forever. Within the span of 1 or 3 days, you have to release all your excitement for the con.

Then, when the convention is over you have no idea what to do with all your excess energy and reality hits hard.

Work and school are back in full force, and you just want to return to your secret getaway.

So, how do you re-live the con and carry on? How do you get rid of post-con depression?

There are multiple ways, but here are the 5  ways I recover from post-con depression.


A Very Avatard x Korra Photoshoot at Anime North 2015

Anime North 2015 was my favourite Anime North. On Saturday, there was a huge Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra photoshoot.


I stayed at a hotel and wore Korra the entire weekend.




I loved my cosplay and enjoyed having an outfit that fit me perfectly.


I created the outfit myself, wore contacts for the first time and rocked a short wig.

If you took these photos, please let me know and I will credit you!!! Disclaimer: I did NOT take these photos and they belong to their respective owner. 

Generation Beauty Con Toronto 2016 Was Disappointing

Generation Beauty Con Toronto took place in May. It was my first time there. I didn’t know what to expect.

I did expect brands to be there and free stuff. I thought the free stuff was one huge swag bag that we all left with.

I had no idea that this convention required us to line up throughout the con to get sample-sized and full-sized products at each brand’s booth.

It was tiring and did consist of a lot of standing. I highly recommend getting in line a few hours before the convention opens.

My friend and I did that and we were one of the first people to enter the convention.

As soon as we entered the convention area, we saw a huge sign in front of the escalators.