Anime North was special this year. It transfixed us and left us excited enough to return next year. In the past, I encountered rude volunteers, sweltered in hot weather, and hung around the wrong people. This year, I learned something new.

  1. I learned that convention staff do listen to feedback. Problems that you’ve encountered in the past can be fixed.
  2. I learned that who you hang out with at a convention can change your entire experience for better or worse.
  3. It’s nice to have someone around you when you’re attending an event with thousands of people.  At an event, this big, being alone sucks. If you do go alone, attend events to meet people who like the same things as you.

Be around positive people. If you’re around negative people, it will suck the life out of you. That’s why you need a supporting friend or group of people at a convention.

I’ve realized that when I was around negative people at a convention, it made the convention an awful experience. Choose who you hang with at a convention wisely.

Aside from these revelations, Anime North 2017 was great because…

Reason #1 | Secret Washroom at Anime North

I went to Anime North alone for the first time on Friday. While the two-hour commute to the convention was brutal, I was met with one of my best friends Shana (Shanyan Cosplay) who led me to a secret washroom at the convention.

That washroom was so clean. I hate public washrooms and the fact that she discovered a washroom that no one else was using literally put the greatest smile on my face. My heart literally swooned.

Reason #2 | I was media

I was media at Anime North this year! Can you believe it? After months of waiting to hear back from Anime North about whether they would grant BecomingTia media passes, I was overjoyed when I received a confirmation email.

Reason #3 | So many friends

On the Friday of the convention, I connected with my high school, university and church friends. I saw people I didn’t even know were weebs.

It took me by surprise to see one of my friends dressed in a Haikyuu cosplay in the dealer’s room and another one of my friends lobby-conning at Anime North for the first time.

Reason #4 | I met subscribers

I can’t believe I met four of you at Anime North. Thanks for saying hi and honestly, it made my con experience so much better.

Reason #5 | I cosplayed as Korra

On Saturday, I cosplayed as Korra, again. I was so close to not cosplaying anyone this year, but my friends convinced me to do it.

As one friend said, “It’s only once a year. Just do it.” And so I whipped out the old Korra cosplay from my closet, and surprisingly the top still fit, and it made Saturday 10 times more awesome. Saturday began with me being picked up by my dad.

Reason #6 | I was with my friend Monica

After that, I met up with my gucci friend Monica who cosplayed as Mikasa this year. She’s literally the best Mikasa and we stayed at an AirBNB for the first time. It was a really great experience.

Reason #7 | I met Taylor

One of the top moments of Saturday was meeting Taylor for the first time! She travel led from the USAto Toronto, Canada and I literally was so happy to see her pretty face in real life.

It made the convention so much more memorable. She was so chill and kind and positive to be around with. The first thing all three of us did was make a beeline for Starbucks.

Really, I was the only one making a beeline for Starbucks because I have an unhealthy obsession with green tea lattes. Honestly, I need to save money and buy matcha powder.

Reason #8 | Anime North Fashion Show was lit

Next, we went to the Anime North Fashion Show for the first time. I saw so many amazing black fashion designers and models. My friend, Dolly Momoiro featured her fashion collection and it was outstanding.

My favourite part was when she strutted down the catwalk like Naomi Campbell. Y’all had to be there. Go subscribe to her channel and Facebook.

At this same fashion show, I saw my other friend, Carla who was part of the Street Fashion segment of the event.

She wore this amazing Harajuku-inspired outfit that was inspired by 5-year-old boy aesthetic. Her skirt had a toy train printed on it, and she had the cutest backpack. The colours were blue, yellow and red. I loved it. Overall, the fashion show was a great start to my Saturday.

Reason #9 | Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra Photoshoot

The impromptu Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra Photoshoot took my friends and me by complete surprise. For some reason, there was no Avatar/Korra photoshoot. But, our fandom made it happen anyway.

As a result, we got some pretty awesome shots and the most hilarious fandom dance video of all time. Read this post to view photos from the Avatar/Korra photoshoot.

Reason #10 | Avatar: The Last Airbender Panel

Saturday evening, I waited one hour in line with other Avatar fans for the Avatar/Korra panel. I talked to fans for an hour about Avatar. It was wonderful to meet all ages being less, or equally as obsessed with Avatar as I am.

I didn’t host the panel this year, but it was amazing being able to sit in the front row to watch my friend Erick lead the Avatar and Korra panel. The panelists had excellent questions and they inspired me to catch up and read all the Avatar comics, which I totally did after the convention was over (best decision ever!)

I want to say that the Avatar/Korra panel this year was the best panel I’ve ever been to. It was engaging, fun, and advanced. It didn’t stray away from difficult fan theories and questions. The panelists initiated discussion and everyone in the room had a voice and a chance to participate.

Honourable Mentions

I lost my media badge!

Sadly, after the panel, I lost my media badge. Crazy right? If you ever take off your badge to take a photo, always remember to put it back on. Or, if the string of your media badge is poorly tied for whatever reason, always check how tight the ties are.

In my case, I knew the string holding my badge was a little…unaccountable, but I ignored it. Unfortunately, the string got loose and my badge, along with my bus card was gone.

I was in a severe panic mode for 30 minutes. I’m glad I had my friend Monica calming me down the whole time. I’m happy to say I got really lucky and the Anime North staff found both my badge and bus pass and I retrieved it in time for the night festivities.

Raves…How about no.

The one downfall of Anime North this year were the “raves”. I like to shuffle. We all know this. After this year, I know I’ve out grown this scene. I will not be returning. Plus, as a child of God, we really shouldn’t be attending these types of events, period.

Sunday – Attack on Titan Photoshoot

The highlight of Sunday was the Attack on Titan photo shoot. Attack on Titan is one of my favourite anime. My friend Monica is obsessed with Attack on Titan. She asked me to take photos of the event.

My favourite thing about the photoshoot was the people. Not only did I meet a subscriber, but I encountered so many fans being kind to other fans. It felt very similar to the Avatar fandomily in Toronto. I didn’t expect to see it in other fandoms (weird, right?), but it was there and it made me feel happy.

I fell in love with Hamilton

The photoshoot ended with three people, including my friend Monica practically screaming Hamilton songs from the top of their lungs which drove me nuts.

I listened to the entire Hamilton musical that night. Now, I’m ridiculously, unimaginably, and inexplicably obsessed. I’m currently learning the entire musical by heart and I’m waiting for my SHOT to perform my horrible rendition of the musical whenever I can.

Finally, I remember returning home and being so happy to be in my own bed and see my dog again. I felt very satisfied after Anime North this year and did not have any post-con depression. The next day, I went to work.

That was my Anime North 2017 experience. I highly recommend you guys go to this convention next year. God’s willing, I’ll be there. We shall see.

Until next times galaxies.

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